Tanya Everett Bagot

I developed this dance program while teaching and performing in NYC.  I started dance classes at age 4 and in my early teens studied with Martha Graham, I loved her but found  her method too strict and controlled I wanted to go towards a more freestyle “fun” jazz dance. I had been working professionally in shows since age 10 which was a great factor in my training. Jerome Robins who choreographed and directed me in “West Side Story” and “Fiddler on the Roof”, where I created the role of “Chava” and my brother Timmy Everett, a well known dancer and Broadway performer, both were my greatest influence  . Also at this time I had the wonderful experience of  working with Bob Fosse, Lugi and many other great teachers and choreographers. “Dance Educators Of America” asked me to teach my “Dancesthetics” program across the country. Next came the “President’s  Council” asking me to tour the country teaching my program to High Schools and Colleges on their behalf.

“Dancesthetics” is a choreographed set pattern of modern jazz, ballet, yoga and conditioning exercises, also utilizing weights. Each exercise is designed to flow through to the next. Continuous movement is the key to the success of this program. These dance exercises are specially designed to strengthen limbs gradually-rendering flexibility and grace of movement while toning and streamlining the body. The results of this program stimulate self-awareness, creative and emotional expression, gross motor development and complete physical fitness. Music is a driving force in the class.

In 1976 I was appointed Dance Clinician to the “President’s Council on Physical  Fitness and Sports”.  I am the first professional dancer/teacher/choreographer to be named a  Council Clinician. Utilizing “Dancesthetics”  was the first time in it’s history dance was incorporated in council programs . At this time I authored the books and record albums “Life is Fitness Exercise” and “Persuasive Rhythms”  which illustrated Dancesthetics techniques and  were published by “Kimbo Record Co”. And in 1990 Brentwood Home Video released  “Warm up with Traci.”

“Freestyle Jazz” is the last twenty minutes of class. Here a choreographed dance combination is taught. There are no judgments only learning and having “fun”. As a teenager in N.Y.C. I worked professionally a lot and found I could not take a dance class without people comparing themselves to me and judging me. I was afraid to go to classes to learn and grow just for myself. I never want another person to feel that fear.

In 1982 Jane Fonda asked me to incorporate “Dancesthetics/Freestyle Jazz” into the creation of “The Workout.”

In 1989 my husband Wally Bagot and I along with my sister Sherrye Everett a therapist created “Recovery Workshops” utilizing “Dancesthetics” and our acting abilities. These workshops are still ongoing in L A and New York.

I believe that a teacher should always be a performer and be the example of what they teach. Exercise and dance are a major part of my life and I hope always will be. I owe my health, creativity, and continuing growth to them. Mainly I’m having “fun” and love what I”m doing!! Look for upcoming videos.

Please contact me for more information on ongoing classes and personal training at my studio in West Hollywood / Los Angeles.